Help for Underachievers

Student_grade_d_disappointed.lg_clr According to a column  in "The Parent Paper"  at  there are quite a few reasons that kids may be struggling at school.  Some may just have "B.A.D."–or simply a  ‘bad attitude disorder."  Some may truly not understand the material being presented.  Some may have developed poor study skills that may not have been required in lower grades and are currently unprepared for the current level.  

What's a parent to do?  Jan Wilson's article suggests that a first step is to "Face the Problem".  If "underachieving" is a new behavior for your child, it makes sense to evaluate whether new circumstances are affecting your child's performance.  That means you might start by contacting your child's teacher and maybe the school counselor.  It's possible that your child's belief about school or learning may be intruding upon his/her effort to succeed.   Also, there may be other contributing factors such as depression or bullying at school.

Whenever a child changes his/her behavior or attitudes dramatically, there is likely a reason.  So, if your child is suddenly underachieving, you're invited to read Jan Wilson's entire article at  Help for Underachievers   for more information and suggestions.   'Cause you know…when the goin' gets rough, the tough go 'n' get more information!!! :)  

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