Suspension or “Vacation”?

Old_school_bell_ringing_md_clr Researchers from the advocacy organization Connecticut Voices for Children studied the causes for out-of-school suspensions in Connecticut.

In their report, “Missing out: Suspending Students from Connecticut Schools,” the researchers wrote that the students who are sent home from school are those who need to be in the classroom the most. These are the kids who are struggling in their classes and struggling in their homes.

Teachers (and parents) are wise to consider what the students need in order to get them back into the classrooms and on a path of staying-in-school.

1) Students need to feel a connection –they need to belong rather than feeling like an outcast

2) Students need to feel competent–why would anyone continue to participate in an activity in which they feel foolish, stupid or incompetent?

3) Students need to feel in control–at least to share some power. 

To read the entire article, you're invited to visit:   Keep 'em in class!    

Discovering insight into what makes a student attend (or not attend) class may make the difference in how we all approach our struggling students.


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