Write your own “Family Constitution”….Why not?

Family Constitution  OK, maybe this might not look like an issue related to "Homework"…but it is!

So much of what happens in families involves communication, commitment and common concern.  And, if we want our kids to take on a positive attitude about learning and their responsibility in learning, we might need to revisit how we talk with our kids about anything and everything. 

Rules and Guidelines are the structure of a family…who does what? when? how? why? and what do we do when there is discord?  Most families teach these notions and skills inadvertently when stress or a crisis call for action.  But it's the wise parent who creates a plan, documents it and carries it out so that children will learn consistent and effective family communication and productive family skills. 

Although Scott's book isn't available yet, you might consider clicking on the following link to get a preview of coming attractions.  His complimentary first chapter is insightful, painful and REAL…so you'll be able to get a flavor of what the rest of the book is about.  So, click here  to check it out.

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