There IS such a thing as “Too Many Books”!

Pbs_logov2 Got books?  Got too many books?  Want more?  This website is great for recycling books you’ve enjoyed but that you’d like to share with others.  On the flip-side, you can browse the listings of other folks who have books to share. 

If your bookshelves runneth over, take a look at how this system works.  You can find (or share!) novels, non-fiction, self-help and Children’s books.  What a community!!!!   Check it out at

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  1. bookdude says:

    I’m always on the hunt for great children’s books and have recently discovered Bayard and their series of StoryBoxBooks, AdventureBoxBooks and DiscoveryBoxBooks.
    There’s lots going on too:
    This Month Storybox has guest illustrator Helen Oxenbury fetured ( ).
    There’s a Readathon happening in the Ireland region –
    There’s a Ghost Drawing competition in AdventureBoxBooks assiciated with the Polka Theatre ( )

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