How Babies Learn Their First Words

Mother_playing_with_baby_md_clr You might not think this is important if your kid is a teenager.  But, it turns out that researchers have been able to verify that learning occurs when the baby is interested…and about what the baby is interested in.   The bottom line is that when something intrigues us, we are much more likely to learn about it. 

The article that discusses the research about babies can be found at How Babies Learn Their First Words –This link gets you there…but then in their Search box, type in "How Babies Learn Their First Words".  So, if you’re interested, go check it out. 

The final paragraph of the article says it all:  "…Hirsh-Pasek thinks there is a lesson for parents and educators of children at all ages: "Sometimes we fail to take notice of what our learners are doing and what they’re interested in," she said. "We all learn best when things are meaningful." 

If we want kids to learn what we want them to, we need to somehow engage them into WANTING to learn it as well because they are interested and what they are learning means something to them.  It’s a challenge, but with creative insight, we can find ways to INTEREST our kids in what they have to learn.  You might find the Live Science site a good place to get the nugget of gold you need to intrigue your prospector.  Visit them at:   They’ve got tons of articles about tons of  topics of "interest". 

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