Climate Change?
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What’s is “Climate Change” about?  Who does it affect? Can we (you and me) make a difference?  This amazing 12 minute video provides a variety of ways to look at Climate Change…and it can stimulate conversations at home, science projects for school, behavior changes, attitude change and (maybe) even spark a new vision of our planet’s future.  It’s awesome–Really, it’ll strike awe in you and your kids!

It’s about geography; look at the word map.  Where are the changes taking place? Who is at risk? How close are some of the dramatic changes to where you live?

It’s about science–What’s causing climate change? Why is the ocean “rising”? Where are the birds going and why?  Why are some animals doomed to extinction?

It’s about math–If these changes have happened in the recent past, how much time do we have to stabilize it? What’s our carbon footprint?

It’s a perfect subject for critical thinking.  If…then thinking,  Consequences and Action options.  What can each of us as individuals do to slow climate change down.

It’s an interesting and engaging topic for writing an essay, article or paragraph.

For older kids, this could also be an opportunity to discuss the politics of Climate Change.

This brilliant and beautiful video is an incredibly valuable teaching tool for all the suggestions above!  And it’ll move you.  It might break your heart…but it also provides positive notions and options that we can use to “get on it”.


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