Got issues?–Read a b’zillion articles by b’zillion authors for the answers

OK…maybe not a "b’zillion".  How often do you find yourself surfing the net to find out the answers to your questions?  Once you’re on a search, it is easy to get distracted onto other "tributaries" that take you away from your original "river of thought".  There is SO much information on the web –did you notice?!!!!

We have aligned with resource that you’re sure to find interesting (and easy to navigate!) that focuses specifically on Homework, School issues and Parenting.  At you’ll find an easy-to-explore "Category" list and scads of article titles listed by a "b’zillion" different authors.  The specific issues you’re concerned with can be easily found…from a variety of perspectives.  And, most of the authors have provided additional resources about their specific field of interest so that you can find out even more.  Whatta resource!

So how do you get there?…Just CLICK HERE to to visit the Homework Success Article Directory.  You might want to add it your "favorites" so it’ll be easy to re-visit again and again.  There are new articles added almost daily.  Check it out!      

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