“Yadda Yadda Yadda”….Stimulate your child’s Verbal Skills

According to a recent report on ABC News, studies are suggesting (OK, downright screaming loud and clear!) that talking with your little kids make all the difference in the success they’ll have in school.  Kids who’s developing minds are stimulated with language, words and interaction with others are actively growing more mental connections.  This "exercise" prepares them for more complex learning later in life.  So, whenever you can, it’s smart (and smart-making for your kids) to chatter when you’re driving, ask questions at dinner-time and read interactively with your little ones.

Is it too late by the time kids are in school?  Heavens, No!   The more you stimulate verbal interaction, the better prepared your kids will be when they are expected to think through their school work, present their point of view in class and increase their confidence when called on by their teachers.

Check out the following link…it’s hard to argue with!


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