Hassle-Free Homework? Is it possible???

Boy studying1 According to an article by Barbara Minton in at  Natural News.com  it is.  She proposes that parents can benefit (and so can kids) by returning the responsibility of homework back to the actual person who is affected–the kid!  It might seem counter-intuitive to willy-nilly hand the reins to the very person who is often reluctant to press on.  But, she offers some great ideas about how (and why) parents should do it anyway.   Following is a list of the primary steps that Ms. Minton suggests:  

  1. Decide whose Homework it is
  2. Think about what Homework REALLY is
  3. Align yourself with your child
  4. Let your child make the decisions about homework
  5. Keep to the time schedule–no matter what!
  6. Talk to your child
  7. Have faith in your child

These steps might seem simplistic.  And #4 (Let your child make the decisions about homework) seems to undermine a parent's obligation to press kids to do their homework.   But hang in through to the end of her article.  Her primary point seems to be that Homework is important…but less important than your relationship with your child.   For more information and further insight about how to actually take these steps toward Hassle-Free Homework, check out Barbara's entire article:  Seven Steps to Hassle Free Homework for You and Your Child   

Oh, And let me know what you think about her approach…Please leave me a comment.

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