Are you and your kids ready for school to start?

Back_to_school_text_building_lg_clr Here are some tips to help smooth the transition from summer to school.  All of them apply for all age groups, but you may want to modify the specifics for your child.

1) For a Good Morning start, get a good night's rest–plan on a routine time to be in bed.  Rested and relaxed kids learn better.

2) Prepare the night before school so morning isn't a rush–set out school clothes, prepare lunch box, collect school items and put them where they'll be all together and easy to find. 

3) Eat a good breakfast.  Kids can focus better if they aren't hungry–so be sure they have full-tummies before they head out the door.

4) Be positive–expect your child to enjoy school, expect enthusiasm, and share your appreciation for their successes. 

5) Talk together –a language-rich environment is an important factor for student success.  Ask questions, listen to your child's ideas/thoughts and share your positive experiences. 

6) Homework Hints–make sure your student has a quiet place so he/she can concentrate — or have "family quiet time" so everyone can read or do homework in a quiet environment.  . 

To read an more information about these tips, click on Back to School For more back-to-school tips, you're encouraged to visit: Homework Success Article Directory in the "Back-to-School" article listing. To be prepared is an important factor in making the transition from vacation to school easier on everyone.

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