Sizzle, Sizzle….my Kid’s Having a Homework Meltdown!

J0284131 Homework can be pretty daunting sometimes.  But Dr. Yvonne Fournier has an insight that I think is really valuable–it's about time.  

I don't mean "finally, we've got an answer".  Nope, it actually IS about tick-tock "TIME".  

According to Dr. Fournier, kids can be put off and discouraged if they think that homework is going to take "FOREVER!".  Her suggestion is to break it down into chunks so a frustrated student can discover that it'll take less time than heJ0283477 imagines.  For the kid in her Q-and-A article at the Ventura County Star, she suggests setting a timer for how long the kid thinks it'll take.  Then he'll be encouraged to discover that it takes much less time when he gets into it…and even willing to tackle the next chunk of the assignment. 

Oh, and beware, she doesn't think it's a good idea to insert "breaks" into the homework task between chunks.  Instead, with the timer set (and the kid determined to beat the clock), kids are more likely to stick to the task and actually get done quicker–Giving them more TIME to play.  YAY! 

To read her entire article you're invited to visit  Help a Child who has a Homework Meltdown  (original article source: Scripps Newspaper Group

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