Parents–Know thyself

School_girl_desk_taking_test_lg_clr Being a parent is full of successes and pitfalls.  Have you noticed?  Some days you feel like the "windshield" with power and purpose and sometimes you're sure you're the "fly" wondering how you got splatted.  There is something to be said for realistically looking at your strengths and weaknesses as a parent so you can legitimately pat yourself on the back when you should…and also so you can identify where you need to actively learn and practice new skills.

Wanna find out (very scientifically) where you are as a Mom?  This isn't a pass-fail type quiz.  Instead, it's an opportunity to unemotionally evaluate (not judge!!!) your parenting style. And at the end of the quiz, you'll find some valuable tips and clues about how to strengthen any "weaknesses" that are identified.  Sound smart?  Just visit Parenting Style Quiz and follow the directions. 

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