Storing “good stuff” to find later

…when you have time

Reminder_md_clr As it gets closer to the beginning of school, many of us might be hanging on tight-fisted to the waning summer vacation.  The desire to keep stretch the summer might make it difficult to begin planning for the new school year and all of the busy-ness that comes with the transition. 

I've been writing articles and blog posts about "Homework" all summer long;  but I'm wondering how much interest there is right NOW!–when homework isn't an issue, yet.  When the school year begins, you might want to catch up on articles and blog posts you don't have time to read right now.  Because I come across sooooo many websites and articles I want to revisit, I've created a system to "remember" where to look.


Keeping a list of hot sites to get back to (when there is time)

    Here's a strategy I use: I create a Word Document & save it to my "desktop" so I can find it and use it easily. I name it "Stuff to Read".  In that document I've created a table with two (2) columns and many rows. The first column is narrow enough to just type in a date; the other spans the rest of the page (so url's will fit in it).   Then as I come across and article or blog post I want to get back to, I copy and paste the url including http://www.— (address) into a line in my table. Be sure to press "Enter" immediately after the url so it will become an active link from Word.   [so it's easy to know which site I REALLY want to visit,  I also type in the main point or title of the article/post. 

This is what my table looks like:

Table2Info comes and disappears soooo fast on blogs, twitter and the internet.  This is my way to avoid missing a good thing when I'm rushed.  Then, when I have time I can review the list and pick-and-choose to read  my leisure (like parents have "leisure", EVER!).  Try it out J 

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