How good are you at saying “No”?

Women_walking_say_no_lg_clr After a summer-time of saying "Yes" and "Maybe", can you get back in the groove of being the parent that sometimes has to say "NO"?  Getting ready to start back-to-school, kids often need to return to a regular schedule and family rules.  And sometimes that requires limits and restrictions.

One of my favorite mentors (Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D.) suggests that learning to say "NO" (comfortably and with authority) is an important part of being a good parent.  But so many of us just hate to disappoint our kids or deal with the whining or arguments.  But never fear, she has some great ideas and supportive thoughts that might help. 

Try these on and see how they work for you (excerpt from her article  "…Saying NO instead of YES") :

• Sometimes, you just need to say, "No" and not add any additional explanation.

• Sometimes, "No, but thanks for asking me" is the best answer.

• Sometimes, "No, there's no way I can fit anything else into my schedule right now" is the correct way to respond (and it's the right one to use when it's the truth!)

• One of my personal favorites is, "No, I simply can't say yes."  People sort of shake their heads when they hear this one. This gives you time to move on.

You don't have to "just say NO", you can use some finesse and logic with Meggin's suggestions.   For 6 more notions (yes, that makes 10 altogether) you'll find useful and inspiring, check out her complete article at the HomeworkSuccessArticleDirectory .

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