A Brain Teaser?….”Robin” Reads YOUR mind

Crystal_ball_hands_lg_clr Recently, a friend emailed me a link to "RegiftingRobin"…with the subject line "Can you figure it out???"  My friend was stymied about how a computer could read her mind…and then I discovered it could read my mind too.  How does it work? 


First  CLICK HERE  to go try it and see if you can stump "Robin".  It'll take just a few minutes to try it….Unless you're skeptical like I was and you try it several times.  (Remember, the definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result)  All right…I was bound and determined to figure how how she does it.


Now, this is one of those places that math is WAY fun.  See if you can figure out how the math works in this before you head off to See How It's Done .  Did you do it?  Send it off to a friend and see if he/she can figure it out. 

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