Do You Have the Confidence to “Just Say NO”?

Scale_yes_no_lg_clr What keeps you from "pressing" your kids to do what's good for them?  According to a recent article at Medline Plus CONFIDENCE is key.  It appears that parents who are more self-confident are most likely to implement and enforce changes in their children's behavior.  The study suggests that parents who aren't sure of themselves and their parenting authority are less effective in promoting physical activity for their kids, limiting TV time and guiding them to resist unhealthy foods.  

How would you rate your own parenting related to getting your kids to do what YOU want them to for THEIR own good?  If you find yourself reluctant to nag (because it doesn't do any good) or to demand (because they don't pay attention anyway), this could be the summer to make a difference before school starts. 

To read the summary of the study about Parent Confidence, read the  Full Story at their link. 

And, while the kids are working on their summer reading list, may I suggest a book that may change your vision of your role as a parent? It'll give you a bit more confidence when you say NO when the author gives you some really good reasons why "NO" is good for them.  

Check out  "No"–Why Kids of all ages need to hear it and ways Parents can Say It!  Come the new school year, you'll be glad you prepared your resolve and discovered some new parenting skills!

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