“Tricks” to get your kids to read…Really!

Father_reading_to_son_lg_clr Getting kids to read more (and to think they thought of it) is a real trick….a real(ly) sneaky trick!  According to an author at MyExcitingWorld.com  here's three suggestions:

1. The Early Bedtime trick. By establishing an earlier bedtime, they can "stretch" their actually lights out if they are ready for bed by "bedtime" and they choose to "stay up and read for a bit".  Their bedtime is established by YOU the parent…but they have an option to stay up just a little later if they want to.  The key words here: "if they want to".  Sharing the power about bedtime is sure to make a hit with any kid–which kid doesn't want to stay up just a few more minutes???

#2 Summer Reading Incentives.  Check out your local library–they almost always have a summer reading program you and your kids can join.  Or look on the internet to find recommended reading lists for your kids' age groups.  Then create a unique rewards program–one that you and your child will be glad he/she has achieved. 

#3 Read the Book before you see the movie.  Advertising for movies coming out this summer whets the appetite.  As soon as you see a new movie advertised, check out if there is a book that precedes it, i.e. The Harry Potter Books or even "Horton Hears a Who". 
For more details about how to use these "tricks", visit Inspire Your Children to Read . And, as always, keep involved in what your kids are reading–Read with them, Talk about what they are reading, Ask questions about what they would do differently than the characters in their books. 

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