A Story-book Story in “Real Life” –“Make Way for Ducklings”

Ducklings How can we get our kids to read more this summer?…  Make the subject relevant.   This year in Spokane we had a "blessed event"–duck-style.  A mama duck decided to build her nest and prepare for her ducklings on an overhang on a downtown building.  Sure, she was protected and away from foot traffic when her ducklings were teeny…for a day…but she needed to move 'em to the river area a block away when it was time.

Just like the story "Make Way for Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey, our down-town passers-by had to stop and watch what happened next.  The mother duck jumped to the sidewalk 12 feet below the overhang.  Then her ducklings leapt to follow her.  Fortunately, there was a kind-hearted and agile gentleman who caught them as they fell. 

Hooray!… the ducklings made it safely to the sidewalk and well…you can read the rest of the official story at "Ducks Make Splash With Parade of Their Own"   It'll make you smile!!! You can even watch a video/slide show of the whole event by clicking on Video/Slide Show

This is a perfect example of how we parents can encourage our kids to read about their world and then seek out additional books or stories on a topic that intrigues them.

So, as you're reading your local news, be on the look-out for stories you can share with your kids.  And then….and then….suggest a trip to the library or surf the web together for stories you can read together about related issues. 

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