Blended families can make for a Tense Graduation Celebration

Class_of_2009_md_clr Are invitations to your son/daughter's graduation ceremony an issue?  At a time when kids really appreciate family relationships, the process of keeping everyone celebratory and not jealous, left-out or hurt can overshadow (or at least cloud up) this very important event. 

1) Remember the "Star" of this event who deserves the spotlight–your Graduating Student.  For his/her benefit, leave old hurts and frustrations at the door.

2) Broaden your perception.  Imagine that difficult family members are there for the same reason you are–because they love your kid(s). Remember that they are there to celebrate the success and achievement of THEIR graduating student. 

3) Narrow your focus.  Envision only THIS moment and ignore historical moments of conflict.

4) Create a stellar memory–Avoid body language that might distract from your graduate's experience.  Pretend as if everyone honors each other, become united if only for this singular event. 

Congratulations to ALL of our graduates!!!!  They deserve a peaceful and appreciative family to commend their accomplishment and honor their commitment. 

For general ideas about how to ensure that your extended (and perhaps slightly estranged) co-parents and family members can participate and enjoy your graduate's success, you're invited to read an article by Carolyn Ellis entitled: "Peaceful Blended-Family Events Can Happen!"  Check it out at Peaceful Blended Family Events Can Happen

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