Teenagers think OUTSIDE the Box for Summer Jobs

Hypercube_sm_clr People_cheering_md_clr A great article appeared in USAToday this week–about teens becoming entrepreneurs.  Lots of kids this summer will find themselves competing with adults for jobs.  It looks bleak for them in many areas of the country if they want to work. 

But according the the USAToday: "For kids who want to get started right away, USA TODAY polled successful entrepreneurs and small-business experts for advice."  And, here's some of their tips:

  1. Don't let shortcomings thwart you.
  2. Expand upon your interests.
  3. Create a sound financial plan.
  4. Promote your business and yourself.

             And Eight (8) more…. 

As the Homework Coach, I think there are lots of learning to be done if a teenager wants to start his/her own business.  It finally allows an opportunity for many kids to find "relevance" in what they've been learning in school.  And, it encourages kids to dream, plan, create, and be practical regarding money and the market. 

Imagining yourself as an entrepreneur and creating a business plan  is a useful and valuable learning experience and there's lots to be learned.  With care, your son or daughter could create a viable business for themselves.  But, even if the process doesn't end up with a really-for-real business that creates an income, it could become a very positive summer project.  To read the entire article at USAToday, click on  Teen Entrepreneurs offer tips… 

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