Teachers do MUCH more than just “teach”!!!

Rose OK, a teacher has brought me to tears!!!–tears of admiration and appreciation!  I don't usually include this type of post in the HomeworkSuccessNetwork, but I happened upon a post in a blog for teachers that I think parents should read. It may offer a new insight into a teacher's role and what teaching can be for your kids.

Now I'm not telling you that you NEED to know what the teacher has to say, but in her thorough and heartfelt story, she reveals the key to what can make teachers more important to our kids than a mere dispenser of information. 

Jill Guirra writes in her post "Reflections on Urban School Teaching… in the Middle of Testing" about how she perceives her role in the machine of education.  She says, "I became a teacher from the perspective of a social justice activist—to practice critical thinking, to encourage students to make change in their communities, to create art with kids about their worlds, from a place of urgency."  That seems like a much bigger goal than just readin', writin' and 'rithmetic! 

If you'd like to peer into the recesses of a magnificent teacher's mind, please take a few minutes and Click here to visit her article at www.TeacherRevised.org.  Whoosh, I was inspired!!!

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