Preparing For Standardized Testing

Girl_taking_large_test_md_clr According to a real expert (a mom/educator) at, no matter about your viewpoint about standardized tests, if you've got kids in school "Your child will soon face the rigors of the dreaded end of year exam. Like it or not, the scores and percentiles are quite important to your child's future. Children are given a vast amount of knowledge throughout the school year, and are expected to be able to recall enough to answer the questions on a seemingly endless battery of tests. Teachers have been preparing their classes all year. Parents can also ready a child for testing by offering emotional encouragement and academic support."

Among other tips Kayla Fay suggests in her article that learning is a "shared" responsibility.  The teacher has a responsibility to teach…and the child has a responsibility to learn.  Fortunately teachers don't make a big divide–they know that learning (and testing) is a team effort and they try their best to work WITH kids to be sure they are successful.

She also suggests that kid will benefit from a "practice" run.  That means learning how to see how the test is going to work will relieve some of the testing jitters. Given that  standardized tests are primarily True/False or Multiple choice (fill in the "bubble"), students will benefit from practicing with the format.

There are several more valuable tips recommended in Kayla's article, "A Bubble of Confidence–Preparing for Standardized Testing.  You're invited to read the entire article at our "sister" site:  While you're there, you might browse through some of the other excellent articles by behavioral experts, parents and educators. 

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