Lowering dropout rate –success stories in progress

School_bell_ringing_pta_meeting_lg_clr  "The high school dropout rate in the San Diego Unified School District plummeted last year to the point where fewer than 1 student in 10 is giving up on school, according to data released yesterday by the California Department of Education"–according to an article at  SignOnSanDiego.com  If they can do it, can you institute some of their ideas and procedures in your school?

Here's what the San Diego Unified School District added to their programs:

  1. Better tracking–their system allows better follow-up for kids who don't show up for school.  This allows intervention before it is too late and students have missed so much school they can't catch up or they are too frustrated to try.
  2. After-school programs have been expanded to keep students interested in school. When kids only experience frustration and shame at school, why would they try?  But when afterschool classes become the carrot, many struggling students will press on.
  3. After-hours tutoring.  Some kids might not take advantage‚Ķbut those who do find a greater success that lessens the desire to skip or drop out.

Parents and teachers are the only folks who can push the envelope to instigate change in their school systems.  Who can you talk to?  Who can you approach? What can you do (as an individual) to make YOUR school more likely to keep kids involved and ultimately graduate?   This is a worth topic for discussion‚Ķbring it up!

To read the entire article, click on "San Diego Unified's Dropout Rate Falls" 

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