Preparing Kids with Special Needs for Back-to-School Transitions

Back to School Some kids have a greater difficulty with “transitions” than others.  If your child is one who might have a stressful transition from Summer-to-School schedules, you might want to take a few tips offered by Karen Plumley:

  1. Jump the gun a little–Practice new School Routines before school actually starts.
  2. Establish a pattern of “quiet time” so that you begin to suggest a Consistent Homework Schedule
  3. Prepare an emergency phone numbers & contact info list that can go with your returning student.
  4. Make that first day back to school as stress-free as possible by having everything ready the night before.

To read Karen’s entire article, please visit: Back To School Planning for Special Needs Kids And, for more tips, notions and fun ideas for keeping kids busy, visit her blog at Daily Activities for Kids.


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