How to Deal With School Fights

Billy_bully_ready_for_a_fight_md_clr     When kids are out-of-sight (at least out of the parent's sight), they have a lot to deal with when other kids start somethin'.  I've been following a very smart lady's publications about Anger & Anger Management…and I think you might find some great ideas about "School Fights" in particular.

    For example in Jamie Sullivan's article "How to Deal with School Fights", she says: "Fighting among kids has gotten worse than Eddie Haskell shoving around the Beaver. While the number of school fights is dropping, those that do happen can be serious with guns or other weapons involved."

    She sympathizes that "Some may think locking down all campuses is the only way to deal with this."  But goes on to suggest that "Actually, greater involvement by teachers and parents may be all that is needed to deal with school fights."

Her blog posts lists 7 tips about preventing School Fights:

  •  Develop a stern policy that deals with fighting.
  •  Look for the students who mainly cause fights.
  •  Teach students that it’s okay to report fighting
  • ….and 4 more (on her blog)

    To read Jamie's entire article, please visit her blog at  …it's a great resource for difficult anger behaviors with great tips for controlling them.

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