Where does the Student Optimism Go?

Student_dreaming_graduation_md_clr With the intention of positioning the USA as a strong world leader , President Obama has repeatedly voiced his concern about our educational systems and his intention to do something about it.  He's stated that we have make some dramatic changes in how we hold and honor the educational process and how we demonstrate our commitment to our children's education. 

In a blog post at  Eduflack , Patrick Riccards reveals the results of a student survey that are curious and discouraging: "Surveying more than 70,000 students in grades five through 12 in 18 states and the District of Columbia, on topics such as dropout prevention and college readiness.  The results may surprise you:

  • More than a third of students are "struggling or suffering"
  • Half of students are "not hopeful"
  • A third of students feel "stuck" –one out of three
  • 94 percent of students say they will graduate from high school
  • 86 percent of students believe there is a good job waiting for them after high school"

The author of this article Patrick Riccards notes the profound difference between the first three items and the last two.  There seems to be a pessimism about the present and an optimism about the future–they don't "jive".  To read the entire article click on "Where does the Student Optimism Go?"

It seems this is an important topic of conversation you could discuss with your children/students.  What do they think about their current educational experience?  And, what do they expect in their future?  Is there a way we can work with our kids to make their current experience more relevant?  How would they want their current classes to change so that they would feel better prepared for their desired future?


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