Happy (and Happier) Mother’s Day Gifts

 Daughter_giving_mothers_day_card_md_clr   Are you ready for Mother's Day?  Are you expecting special attention or maybe even a home-made gift from your kids?  Do you have a partner who is always stumped about what give the Mom-in-the-House?    You might help out by giving hints to your partner, husband, friend or whoever might be willing to nudge the kids. 

   It's important that kids GIVE something…a special gift, a drawing, a hand-made card.  We all want our kids to learn to be generous.  Our reaction to their gifts become an internal stimulus to press them to give again.   So, Mom, it's not just for you that the gift is meant.  It also provides a "teaching" opportunity–it allows you to truly appreciate a gift so your children can feel the glow of giving.

   Here's a thought:  gain the confidence of another grown-up and give him/her some ideas about what your kids can do–in secret.  Then that person can have a pow-wow with your children–It'll be like a "conspiracy" which is always fun for kids!   Make an easy list of what your kids could do so that you'll get what you want…and they'll be the givers of the perfect gifts. 

   Are you stumped?  You might check out  Mother's Day Gifts from Kids  at www.familyeducation.com.  Then be stealthy–slip the list (with your favorites starred) to someone who can help the kids surprise you.   Then on your day, be prepared with smiles, applause and lots of "Thanks!". 

NOTE:  You might wonder what this topic has to do with "homework".  Effectively Motivating kids is dependent upon responding to their behaviors in a positive way.  When they "feel good" because you've given them true appreciation, they'll want more of the "good feeling". 

   People (and kids) will do what makes them feel good…this applies to behaviors at home, behaviors at school and willingness to keep on task at studies and homework.   So sometimes, we need to set the stage so we can be assured of a positive behavior upon which we can lavish positive reactions.  Mother's Days gifts are a perfect way to encourage your kids and provide the "event" and "behavior" you can be happy about and share the good feelings!

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