Autism explained–in “kid” terms

Autism    Autism is sometimes difficult to explain to other kids who meet up with the behaviors in a new playmate or classmate or at church.  Kids notice a difference but may not understand.  And, maybe adults find it challenging to put the behaviors in "kid terms". 

   I found a great resource at .  In particular I discovered an article that specifically framesautism in a way that kids can understand.  

   Curious and observant kids may want to know, who, why, how and what next?  With optimism the article concludes with "Some kids with mild autism will grow up and be able to live on their own. Those with more serious problems will always need some kind of help. But all kids with autism have brighter futures when they have the support and understanding of doctors, teachers, caregivers, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends."

    As a member of the parents-brothers-sisters-friends group, I encourage you to read the  entire article.  It offers some words and phrases you'll find handy when you need to explain "autism" to kids who wonder about it. 

   Note: is a grassroots event program for the Autism Society of America to increase awareness, raise funds, and expand volunteers for national and local autism support programs.  Check it out. 

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