Schools turn to Twitter to get news to parents

     How much do you need to know?…and how fast?  According to an article in the   Atlanta Journal-Constitution  this week, more and more schools are signing up on "Twitter" to get real-time info they may need to broadcast about school issues…and make an easy way to communicate.  
     The benefit of Twitter as a school-broadcasting system is that if an urgent message needs to get out to parents and students, it can happen quick.  In Spokane this year we had school closures due to Twitter snow issues…many kids couldn't safely get to school due to the build-up of snow berms (no where to walk away from the traffic).  If our schools used Twitter, parents could find out in a moment whether the schools were going to be open or not. 
     Another benefit is that parents and teachers can have quick "private" chats, like: "I need to talk with you, please call _____"  or "Suzie scored less than 50% on her math test, is there an issue I can help with?".  These messages could be sent privately via "direct mail"  to a particular "follower".
     The service is free (school districts and parents should like that!) and parents can even get the "tweets" on their cell-phones.  Or, when at work, parents can check in during the day if an immediate "need to know" comes up.   Instead of having to wait for the next day to read about it in the newspaper, people could get the information instantly.

     Has your school considered this real-time-to-everyone communication system?  To read the rest of the article with the particulars that the author D. Aileen Dodd includes please check out  "Schools turn to Twitter"  What a concept!!!

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