Verbal “Hugs & Kisses”–Emphasize your Appreciation.

Hugs In my research on the internet, I found a great resource for parents:   The Parenting Resource Center .    Among the many articles about parenting you'll find listed, I thought "Verbal Hugs" by Maryanne Law was particularly valuable as we reach the end of the school year.  Kids may be under additional pressure to perform well at school…while they are chomping at the bit to live through it all until summer break.  It's a perfect recipe for stress and conflict.

So, here's the question–"What can parents do to emphasize their feelings and attitudes about their children that match their non-verbal cues (hugs & smiles)?

And, here's the beginning of Maryanne Law's answer: "Here is a great list of "verbal hugs" for kids. Any or all of them may be used liberally each day with your child!"

  • "I'm glad to share this (day, time, lunch) with you."

  • "I'm glad you are here""I'm glad you live in this house."

  • "I enjoy you. I enjoy being with you."

  • "I'm glad we're (riding, walking, playing, working) together."

  •  "I thought about you during the day"

…and to read the 22 additional "I-appreciate-YOU-just-'cause-I-do!" suggestions, click on Verbal Hugs by Maryanne Law .

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