De-mystifying the Texting Codes

Texting 400  

According to an article at : "Text speech is designed to be quick and easy."  Economically reducing the number of characters, kids get pretty darned quick at communicating with friends.  But parents (and not-so-savvy techno-phobes) may wonder what the kid is saying! 

The article continues listing some common abbreviations — "think OMG (oh my God) and LOL (laughing out loud) — are now part of our vernacular. But other codes, like PAW (parents are watching) and LMIRL (let's meet in real life) are a way to KPC (keep parent clueless) — and add to texting's appeal."

Check out more codes in the texting dictionary following….

LOL = Laughing Out Loud
TTYL = Talk to You Later
BRB = Be Right Back
OMG = Oh My Goodness
WTF = What The F***
B2W = Back to Work
L8R = Later
PIR = Parents In Room
OTB = Off to Bed
^5 = High Five
CU = See You

Thanks to Cartoonists Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman we get to follow their brilliant insight into the dark (and often convoluted) recesses of a teenager's mind.  You can order collections of their cartoons at


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