Family involvement: what does the research say?

Parents_graduate_big_head_md_clr The Harvard Family Research Project took a long and hard look at the effects of "Family Involvement" and education.  According to an post by Mark Parkinson that summarizes the report: "Cumulative evidence from several decades of research points to several benefits of family involvement for children’s learning, including helping children get ready to enter school, promoting their school success, and preparing youth for college. Read the first in a series of research briefs examining family involvement across the developmental continuum, focused on family involvement in early childhood."

The continues to list the benefits of Family involvement in a child's educational experience. In a nutshell, Family Involvement  

  • helps children get ready to enter school
  • promotes elementary school children’s success
  • can help prepare youth for college
  • can benefit all children, especially those less likely to succeed in school.

To read the rest of Mark's article, please visit: Mark Parkinson's Blog.  You'll also find a link to the original report so you can find out how they collected info and what they actually concluded in it's entirety.

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