Favorite Books Make Indelible Memories

Father_reading_to_son_md_clr According to Chris Byrne @ Time To Play Online Magazine : "There is no better habit you can instill in your kids and the kids in your life than reading. It's a source of information, entertainment, a window on new worlds, and most importantly, it helps develop critical thinking and imagination."

The article goes on to remind us ".. reading isn't just a skill to be mastered for schoolwork. It's a pleasure that creates memories that will last a whole life long."

Children (and families) can connect and inspire when reading a book together.  Better than TV or a movie, reading together is interactive, involved AND entertaining. Reading together lets your child ask questions, lets you elaborate and you can easily put the reading  "on hold" if you need to stop for a giggle or further discussion.  AND, you're creating memories for YOUR OWN CHILDREN and demonstrating guidelines when they parent THEIR children (someday).

To read the rest of Chris' article, you're invited to visit TimeToPlay.mag.  Included at this link you'll find a great list of book suggestions you can read together.  If you encourage reading together, you'll be demonstrating your intention to make time and take time to engage in truly "quality" family time!

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