Communicating with Your Adolescent

Old_man_lecturing_grunge_guy_lg_clr According to Thomas W. Phelan, PhD, "Most parents want to get along with their kids as well as possible. Since it sometimes feels like you come from different planets, however, getting along with your teens is a lot easier said than done. However, maintaining as friendly and open a relationship as you can is important for many reasons. It’s more fun. It raises everyone’s self-esteem, strengthens kids’ identification with their parents, and makes problems easier to resolve."

Easier said than done?  It often seems so!  Dr. Phelan's article at  goes on to list some very useful ideas about how to Listen in a way that will encourage your Teen to talk.  And, he also offers some specific examples about how you could respond to some of the things your teens might say.  To read the entire article, you're invited to visit http:  "Communicating with Your Adolescent"

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