Music to your ears….Music for THEIR minds!

Unfortunately, many schools seem to be reducing (or even eliminating!) music programs. This is just "wrong" on many levels.  

Eliminating your school music program

–>suggests that music is extracurricular–not really important;

–>inhibits some disadvantaged (but talented) students from blossoming and blooming with school music instruction;

–>causes lots of disinterested students to miss out on an interesting and engaging opportunity learning music theory, including the "math", the "science", and its "history",r

–>removes the "carrot" that might encourage some struggling students to stay involved who otherwise might quit

Have you got 4 minutes?  Check out the inspiring and artsy montage of music, musical instruments and talented musicians at YouTube Symphony –they just performed at Carnegie Hall.  (And, you know how they got there? Practice, Practice, Practice!)

Did you enjoy it?  Why not share it with your kids.  Making music inspires kids to create–it promotes pride and self-discipline.  And, who among us couldn't use a bit of that?

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