The “Power to Be” Starts with the Imagination

Graph1 The Power to Be Starts with the Imagination–What sorts of things does your child imagine? Does she see herself as an astronaut?  Does he want to be a chef?  What kind of toys will help your child learn, experience and direct him/her toward "the Power to Be"?  recently teamed up with Duracell to find out what today’s kids want to be when they grow up. "We surveyed 507 children ages 8-12 throughout the U.S. Their answers weren’t terribly surprising. Seventeen percent of girls want to be a veterinarian, while 14 percent want to be a teacher. Eleven percent of boys want to be in the military, while 10 percent of boys want to be an athlete or sports star. Also not surprisingly, the vast majority of these kids said that they pretend to be in these careers when they play."

To see how boys and girls landed in the different career choice possibilities, visit  Time to Play Magazine  The video is inspiring AND is full-up of ideas and lots of learning (but fun!) toys.  Check it out. 

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