Parents get math help for kids

Rachel_chalkboard_math_md_clrHow many schools are teaching Math to Parents?  Not many, I'd bet.  But in Tuscon, parents can attend workshops that help them help their kids…by reframing math and how to teach it. 


According to an article at  "School improvement coach and workshop leader Phyllis Burks told 10 participants in the third workshop of the year that teaching math isn't about filling out worksheets."  She goes on to suggest that: "Kids learn better through visualization."  And she demonstrates parent's movements that could be incorporated into  math discussions.


For example: "When they talk about addition, and the concept of putting things together, they should make sweeping, gathering movements with their arms, she said. They could make a breast-stroke motion, for example, to show taking things away when discussing subtraction."


Burks coaches: "Help them see what we're doing and see the operation."  To read the rest of the article, visit "Parents get math help for kids". 


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