Who’s Who in Your Family “Zoo”?

Animals_hanging_around_zoo_sign_lg_clr Every individual person in every family has a unique combination of skills, aptitudes and interests.  And, in case you hadn't noticed, some of us are better than others at certain tasks.  Some kids understand math easier than others; some kids are more verbal; some are more interpersonal; some are more musically inclined, etc.  Since children are watching us and learning from us; it is important that we value their natural talents that may be different from our own.

Very often we're evaluating our kids by looking at their deficits–where do they fall short?  Here's a way to discover strengths, instead:   FamilyEducation.com    Family Education.com has a nifty 8 check-list "quiz" to identify your child's natural talents–with no right or wrong answers.  Instead, when the answers are totaled and combined, your unique child's talents become clear. 

This Multiple Intelligence Identification tool uses your observations and understanding of your children –you answer the questions, not them.  So it makes sense to be as accurate and truthful as possible.

Then, after you've learned about them, it might be a useful notion to take the "test" for yourself.  You'll find out more about YOU.  It's possible you'll discover why you sometimes have a hard time understand your child and his/her world-view.  You may also have an "ah-ha" moment that will help you support your child to be come the best he/she can be.

It just takes a few minutes….check out Multiple Intelligences "Quiz"  You might enjoy their newsletter, too.  So browse the rest of their website and sign up–it's free.

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