About “The Homework Coach”

Hi,  I’m Judy Armes, MS

      As a Student, a Wife, a Mom, a Grandma, a Foster Parent, an Aunt, a Sister and a serious observer of human nature, I’ve been  involved in education and relationships all my life.

My First CareerAlways interested in health and health care, I became a “dental educator” over 40 years ago.  I prepared educational materials and provided educational and training services to dentists, dental staff and patients.  I graduated from USC (University of Southern California) with a BS degree and  used the skills and acquired information to put (and keep!) bright smiles on a lot of faces. 

My Second Career–After a brief stint at being a foster parent, I concluded that the parents of these little kids needed help–sometimes more than the children did.  So, I attended and graduated from UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) with a degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology.  I’ve worked as a counselor with parents, couples and kids …but I found greater success for my clients when focusing upon the educational component of counseling than when using traditional counseling methodologies. 

My Third (and final!) CareerWriter/Parenting Coach.  As a health educator and a relationship counselor/coach, I discovered a problem.  There are a myriad of sources about parenting and about education.  But, from my view, there aren’t many that join the issues: parenting tools and supportive direction/suggestions ABOUT their children’s educational process.  Toward that void, the focus of my attention provides specific information that promotes parents’ expertise and proficiency to help their children develop effective learning habits and attitudes (and become better students)   

Resources to Learn by….

 (http://homeworksuccessnetwork.com) The Homework Success Network offers articles, suggestions, motivating thoughts and links to positive and helpful resources.  I’m constantly researching the net to bring up-to-date notions and stories that provide news you can use to assist your children to become better students with less tears (yours and theirs).

(http://www.HomeworkSuccessArticleDirectory.com) The Homework Success Article Directory is an ongoing compilation of articles by over 200 authors/experts.  With these articles, you’ll find immediate answers for important issues–AND, most articles provide links to more resources.  You can use the articles as a taste-test for the additional services/products the authors promote.

Homework Success Tele-Webinars on-line (or by phone), small groups of parents get together to ask questions, discuss solutions and find out they’re not alone.  When the goin’ gets rough, lots of parents don’t know where to go ‘n get more info.  Our small group discussions are anonymous so parents can frankly discuss their issues with their children related to homework, homework compliance and educational stumbling blocks. 

Email_md_wht  For information about upcoming Tele-Webinars, please email me with the words “Next Tele-Webinar?” in the subject line.  Just type your first name and the ages of your kids in the Message.  I’ll get back to you ASAP–within 24 hours.

                                     “See ya soon”

                                      Judy Armes

                                      (aka “The Homework Coach”)


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