Homework: a Subject or a Strategy?

Homework graphic So many of the students in our area (Washington State) are baffled by their teacher's insistence that homework is still important to DO–even though at the highschool level is is not graded! Because the homework is not graded (and the grade is not included in final grading), they believe they can skip it altogether–why work if it doesn't count?.

However,  effective education and learning includes retaining and using what is taught–not just regurgitating it on a test to be forgotten tomorrow).   Still, many don't see the value of homework as part of the learning process–since they don't see a credit on their teacher's grade book.

You'll find a great article on the value of non-graded homework at  Teacher to Teacher    along with a scad of other articles that might change your perception about "traditional teaching" and indelible "learning".  Viewed through the eyes of educators, you might change your mind about how homework could be approached with better results.  And, wouldn't successful results make EVERYONE happier?

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