Using Time-outs Effectively for Homework Success

Coach_cathy_time_out_lg_clr According to Rodney at the Romow Education Blog: "Timeouts are an effective, powerful way to teach your children to behave. Timeouts can, however, be manipulated by a smart young child that wants to avoid doing their homework. Some children would rather sit in timeout than do math, spelling, or English homework, and you have to be able to effectively deal with this problem as they rise in school and age."

Thank heavens, we parents can modify the standard "timeout" process to work better for homework and begin to develop a positive attitude about achievement and completion.  The blog article on Romow's Education Blog offers a step by step method of utilizing timeouts effectively while still getting that homework done.  For specifics ideas about homework and time-outs, visit  Using Time Outs Effectively During Homework Time .   You can do it!!!

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