Parents influence children’s success in mathematics

Teacher_pointing_at_whiteboard_md_clr A recent article in the Lansing State Journal starts out: "Mathematics looks different today from how it looked several generations ago. Ask any parent who has spent time in the classroom and glanced at an Algebra textbook, "Application, Communication, and Extension" (A.C.E.) problem, tried to help with a "Reflection" or any other math homework. The sequencing of math concepts, approaches to teaching, and even math vocabulary have all changed. What has not changed for students are periodic lapses in their progress."

What parent doesn't feel a bit daunted by the New "new math"?  Charles Dumas (the article's author) continues with some specifics about how you can help your child succeed even if you don't actually know what the math concepts are and if you feel unprepared to act as a tutor. 

To read the rest of the article click on Success in Mathematics.  After all, when the goin' gets tough, the wise parent goes to get more information.

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