Life’s a Stage

Theater This weekend one of my favorite high schools is presenting "The Dining Room"– a drama/comedy about family connections.  St. Georges School in Spokane, WA (my home town) is famous in our area for their high-quality drama department and their amazing performances.  And this presentation is sure to be a delight!!! 

It's short notice and Spokane may be way too far for you…but I wanted to make this post just to remind y'all to support your local high schools (and middle schools) by attending their dramatic presentations–even if it's a "rival school".  It supports the actors, the school, and the "ARTS".  In addition, it gives you and your family an inexpensive opportunity for a night together sharing an in-person experience.  AND, furthermore, it shows your kids what they could do (if they wanted to)…to be on stage with a group of dedicated and talented students. 

Drama is more than what they do on show night.  The actors are only demonstrating the end result.  There's all sorts of behind-the-scenes activities that students might find beneficial: set design, costume design, technical lighting, etc.  There's a lot to learn in the Drama Department.

You'd be wise to check with your local schools to see what's on.  Many schools only promote to their students and you might miss a great gig.  So, "Google" your school's name and the city and check out their activities calendar.  And, put the upcoming performances on your calendar so you won't forget.

Break a leg (that's theater-talk for Good Luck!)  :) 

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