Cooking up something G-O-O-O-D!

Woman_dumping_ingredients_in_bowl_md_wht    Most kids love to help in the kitchen.  Here's a great opportunity to encourage a struggling reader to read "important" stuff; cooking demonstrates science and math in a really practical way.   Although it's a tad more work for mom, encourage your cooking assistant to help in the kitchen.   You'll accomplish several goals:

  1. Cooking becomes a joint project (fun, even!)  You'll be allowing your child to "contribute" for which you'll be able to deliver a warm Thank-you.  Most kids really respond to heartfelt appreciation.  It ensures a repeat performance!
  2. Reading becomes important. Talk with your child about what would happen if you misread the instructions, the amounts or the ingredients.  Precision matters and you can use the opportunity to talk about being "picky" about reading.
  3. "Science" abounds!  How does cake batter become a cake?  What happens to the water in the rice pot? Why does some food taste better hot while others taste better cold?  How does "jello" work, anyway?  If you don't know the answers, these questions could put you and your child on an internet quest, together.
  4. "Math" matters.  How many servings is in a recipe or package?  How many packages to you need for your family? Labels a lot about the value of packaged foods…read the labels together and talk about how big a "serving" really is.  Check out the size of a serving in packaged cereals…you might be surprised!
  5. Quality time is sometimes tough to schedule in.  Cooking together counts in the quality-time category.  Have fun and your kid will, too! 

        All this a good eats, too!   Wow!



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