Change Your Mind with Affirmations

CHANGE YOUR MIND–without “thinking”
–Using Affirmations

Parenting isn’t easy…

…but sometimes changing your mind

can help you change your attitude

and even change how it is!

To assist parents who would like to make some changes in their relationships with their kids and changes in the way they parent, You’ll find a link for ready-to-print Affirmations you can just print out and use in the side-bar.  Each month, you’ll find a NEW set of Parent Affirmations to print out.  But, maybe you don’t know how to get the most bang out of the process. Never fear…help is here!

Affirmation To make the affirmations really work for you, I’ve written a “primer” on how to use ’em.  Change Your Mind–Without “Thinking” includes lots of useful information and specific tricks you can use.  Day-to-day family living is busy and sometimes conflicts with family members can take a toll on everyone.  And the last thing most parents need is a task that takes up more time or effort.  So, how about this…

Have you got 30 minutes?  Changing Your Mind–Without “Thinking” is a 17 page easy-to-read ebook to show you how you can change automatic thought patterns and habitual behaviors.  It’s a pretty quick read.  So just click on the link below and your ebook will be ready to read right now…or you can download it for later.

Enjoy!…and be sure to come back each month to pick up the lastest read-to-print affirmations.

Click here to access your ebook

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