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And, what’ll You be doing this summer???

This summer, lots of kids will think that "thinking" is on vacation.  They'll find things to do (humans always do!)…but what will they be doing?  How can you guide them (sneakily, of course) to keep in mental practice? I found … Continue reading

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Schools turn to Twitter to get news to parents

     How much do you need to know?…and how fast?  According to an article in the   Atlanta Journal-Constitution  this week, more and more schools are signing up on "Twitter" to get real-time info they may need to broadcast about … Continue reading

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Communicating with Your Adolescent

According to Thomas W. Phelan, PhD, "Most parents want to get along with their kids as well as possible. Since it sometimes feels like you come from different planets, however, getting along with your teens is a lot easier said … Continue reading

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Write your own “Family Constitution”….Why not?

  OK, maybe this might not look like an issue related to "Homework"…but it is! So much of what happens in families involves communication, commitment and common concern.  And, if we want our kids to take on a positive attitude … Continue reading

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