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Help for Underachievers

 According to a column  in "The Parent Paper"  at NorthJersey.com  there are quite a few reasons that kids may be struggling at school.  Some may just have "B.A.D."–or simply a  ‘bad attitude disorder."  Some may truly not understand the material … Continue reading

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“Just the Facts, M’am!”
–Oh, and some tips and suggestions, too!

  Just in time for the new school year, check out the latest issue of the Homework Success News.  This issue offers ideas about how to make this year's Back-to-School transition the best ever, links to info about back pack … Continue reading

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Controversial or Conversational?–a hot topic for discussion

CURRENT EVENTS are the most natural conversational stimulant we parents can use.  You may have noticed, when you try to talk to your kids about general issues they sometimes think you've got an "agenda".  Or, when you talk with them about … Continue reading

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Takes or Mis-takes–the art of successful Test Taking

  "Stop making Stupid Mistakes" by Richard Rusczyk is just one of the articles available at www.ArtofProblemSolving.com . He suggests techniques that seem obvious, but not using them often gets students in trouble.  Even if a student knows how to do the math … Continue reading

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About “The Homework Coach”

Hi,  I’m Judy Armes, MS       As a Student, a Wife, a Mom, a Grandma, a Foster Parent, an Aunt, a Sister and a serious observer of human nature, I’ve been  involved in education and relationships all my life. My First Career—Always interested … Continue reading

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Got issues?–Read a b’zillion articles by b’zillion authors for the answers

OK…maybe not a "b’zillion".  How often do you find yourself surfing the net to find out the answers to your questions?  Once you’re on a search, it is easy to get distracted onto other "tributaries" that take you away from … Continue reading

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