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Hassle-Free Homework? Is it possible???

According to an article by Barbara Minton in at  Natural News.com  it is.  She proposes that parents can benefit (and so can kids) by returning the responsibility of homework back to the actual person who is affected–the kid!  It might seem counter-intuitive to … Continue reading

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Sizzle, Sizzle….my Kid’s Having a Homework Meltdown!

Homework can be pretty daunting sometimes.  But Dr. Yvonne Fournier has an insight that I think is really valuable–it's about time.   I don't mean "finally, we've got an answer".  Nope, it actually IS about tick-tock "TIME".   According to Dr. Fournier, … Continue reading

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Homework: a Subject or a Strategy?

So many of the students in our area (Washington State) are baffled by their teacher's insistence that homework is still important to DO–even though at the highschool level is is not graded! Because the homework is not graded (and the … Continue reading

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Got issues?–Read a b’zillion articles by b’zillion authors for the answers

OK…maybe not a "b’zillion".  How often do you find yourself surfing the net to find out the answers to your questions?  Once you’re on a search, it is easy to get distracted onto other "tributaries" that take you away from … Continue reading

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