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“Tricks” to get your kids to read…Really!

Getting kids to read more (and to think they thought of it) is a real trick….a real(ly) sneaky trick!  According to an author at MyExcitingWorld.com  here's three suggestions: 1. The Early Bedtime trick. By establishing an earlier bedtime, they can "stretch" … Continue reading

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And, what’ll You be doing this summer???

This summer, lots of kids will think that "thinking" is on vacation.  They'll find things to do (humans always do!)…but what will they be doing?  How can you guide them (sneakily, of course) to keep in mental practice? I found … Continue reading

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Good Choices + Positive Parent Feedback = More Courageous Kids

It is often easy to get angry at our kids when they don't do what we think they ought to–  when they don't do their homework, when they resist doing their chores, when they avoid challenging tasks.  It's possible that … Continue reading

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OMG! 10 Days without Texting???

OMG! Teens go 10 days without texting, tech–what'll we do with our hands???? According to the Today Show yesterday (5-18-09), a experimental challenge was accepted by 5 teenage high school students– " try giving up cell phones, computers, iPods and … Continue reading

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Preparing For Standardized Testing

According to a real expert (a mom/educator) at http://www.goaskmom.com, no matter about your viewpoint about standardized tests, if you've got kids in school "Your child will soon face the rigors of the dreaded end of year exam. Like it or not, the … Continue reading

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Autism explained–in “kid” terms

   Autism is sometimes difficult to explain to other kids who meet up with the behaviors in a new playmate or classmate or at church.  Kids notice a difference but may not understand.  And, maybe adults find it challenging to … Continue reading

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Verbal “Hugs & Kisses”–Emphasize your Appreciation.

In my research on the internet, I found a great resource for parents:   The Parenting Resource Center .    Among the many articles about parenting you'll find listed, I thought "Verbal Hugs" by Maryanne Law was particularly valuable as we reach the end … Continue reading

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De-mystifying the Texting Codes

  According to an article at   abcnews.go.com : "Text speech is designed to be quick and easy."  Economically reducing the number of characters, kids get pretty darned quick at communicating with friends.  But parents (and not-so-savvy techno-phobes) may wonder what the kid … Continue reading

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Let kids be kids, homework can wait until later

      Sometimes I think it's fun to find out what your average everyday parent thinks about school, education and homework.  I came across an article by Karen Cruickshanks written for the Sydney Morning Herald (in Australia).  She seems to … Continue reading

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Communicating with Your Adolescent

According to Thomas W. Phelan, PhD, "Most parents want to get along with their kids as well as possible. Since it sometimes feels like you come from different planets, however, getting along with your teens is a lot easier said … Continue reading

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