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Who’s Who in Your Family “Zoo”?

 Every individual person in every family has a unique combination of skills, aptitudes and interests.  And, in case you hadn't noticed, some of us are better than others at certain tasks.  Some kids understand math easier than others; some kids are … Continue reading

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Climate Change?
Start your conversation here…

  What’s is “Climate Change” about?  Who does it affect? Can we (you and me) make a difference?  This amazing 12 minute video provides a variety of ways to look at Climate Change…and it can stimulate conversations at home, science projects … Continue reading

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Hassle-Free Homework? Is it possible???

According to an article by Barbara Minton in at  Natural News.com  it is.  She proposes that parents can benefit (and so can kids) by returning the responsibility of homework back to the actual person who is affected–the kid!  It might seem counter-intuitive to … Continue reading

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Sizzle, Sizzle….my Kid’s Having a Homework Meltdown!

Homework can be pretty daunting sometimes.  But Dr. Yvonne Fournier has an insight that I think is really valuable–it's about time.   I don't mean "finally, we've got an answer".  Nope, it actually IS about tick-tock "TIME".   According to Dr. Fournier, … Continue reading

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“Just the Facts, M’am!”
–Oh, and some tips and suggestions, too!

  Just in time for the new school year, check out the latest issue of the Homework Success News.  This issue offers ideas about how to make this year's Back-to-School transition the best ever, links to info about back pack … Continue reading

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“No” & “NO!!!!”–

Two Important Learning/Teaching Parenting Tools

 Being parents who love our kids, it's hard to watch them be disappointed.  Even worse, when we see them behave down-right "devastated", our good-parent guilt usually rears up and we give in.  (Usually!..don't we?) The following video is of Dr. … Continue reading

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How good are you at saying “No”?

After a summer-time of saying "Yes" and "Maybe", can you get back in the groove of being the parent that sometimes has to say "NO"?  Getting ready to start back-to-school, kids often need to return to a regular schedule and … Continue reading

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Too busy to research summer activities for your kids?

Here's a suggestion… Education.com  is a great resource for all things educational!!!  And, this year they have created a FREE challenge you can use "right out of the box".  Keep the learning going this summerTaking a break from school doesn’t … Continue reading

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And, what’ll You be doing this summer???

This summer, lots of kids will think that "thinking" is on vacation.  They'll find things to do (humans always do!)…but what will they be doing?  How can you guide them (sneakily, of course) to keep in mental practice? I found … Continue reading

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A Story-book Story in “Real Life” –“Make Way for Ducklings”

How can we get our kids to read more this summer?…  Make the subject relevant.   This year in Spokane we had a "blessed event"–duck-style.  A mama duck decided to build her nest and prepare for her ducklings on an overhang … Continue reading

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